Before you utter one word about your business, we sign a Noncompete/Nondisclose Agreement. Then we listen to you and ask questions. Next, if mutually satisfied, we negotiate a uniquely crafted Stakeholding Advisor Agreement, defining our business relationship and our participation in your company. Then we go to work on making profits for “our” company, something Kevin Jackson has done in dozens of industries, most recently as the President and founder of redcomet.org, a web-based educational company he started in 1999 and sold in 2010.

We are seeking companies that will be the next “big idea” of the future. Our founder, Kevin Jackson, used to have coffee in Seattle at Pike Street Market at the ONLY STARBUCKS IN THE WORLD and listen to a woman named Mary, worry about her college drop-out son, an unknown named BILL GATES. We are looking for the next “Starbucks” and “Microsoft.”

For example, our latest forays are into a completely new market known as “Permaculture.” We are building relationships under the banner of Permaculture Rep, one of our own new concepts, seeking to help traditional businesses break into this futuristic new marketplace.

Whether you are a startup, a small business with big plans, or just have an idea bouncing around your head, why wouldn’t it make sense to develop a strategic relationship based on mutual profitability instead of service fees? Stake Holding Advisor is that key “next step” toward realizing your business dreams.